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Magic Padded Sticky Bra is uniquely designed to add cup sizes discreetly.

The natural padding in Magic Padded sticky bra eliminates the look of bulkiness that other padded sticky bras usually have. Ours is designed to curve with your breasts, creating a natural fuller look. 

  • Unique padded design; adding up to two cup sizes
  • Front clasp closure for a more defined cleavage
  • Lightweight and breathable 
  • Perfect for backless and strapless clothes 
  • Delivers all-day comfort while giving you an extra oomph factor
  • Reusable and washable up to 20 times


胸圍中的天然填充物消除了其他填充粘性胸圍通常具有的笨重外觀。 我們的設計旨在與你的乳房一起彎曲,打造自然豐滿的外觀。

  • 獨特的軟墊設計;可增加多達兩個罩杯尺寸
  • 前扣閉合,更清晰的乳溝
  • 輕便透氣
  • 非常適合露背和無肩帶的衣服
  • 提供全天舒適,同時為你提供額外的魅力因素
  • 可重複使用和清洗多達 20 次



Magic Padded Sticky Bra 魔術加厚隱形胸圍

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